PT. Ocean Centra Furnindo employed one stop solution for the whole production system. We invested in advanced machinery to produced better quality products with more efficiency. Every stage in production is tightly monitored. Good product comes from good part and good part come from good material. In Ocean, everything from foam production, latex, spring coil, pocket spring coil production, quilting, sewing, assembly, tape edging and packing are produced internally. This is to ensure good quality products is being made. This is also provide quick and better support for our customers.

7-Zone Natural Latex

Helux Collection introduces "7-Zone Latex Matress" and it is the most advanced with its kind. It was invented in such a way for best possible support and comfort from seven key zones of the latex mattress. Every corner of the body is given exact support and problem like lower back ache can be resolved.

Core_ComponentThe basic comfort area in the seven zones :
When you lay flat on a mattress the first relaxing point is your spine. Externally it begins from the shoulder region and covers till the hip portion. The 7-zone latex mattress gives the exact support to these two regions and thereby makes your body completely relaxed and free from stress at least at sleep. The support area covering the lower back portion never draws out every inch of pressure your body has been loaded with in the long course of the day. You are relaxed and also fit to give a great start to the coming morning.

Support to the Upper back :
One of the firm areas in the seven zones in the latex mattress provides support to the pelvic region. Comfort to simply lower back can de-stress your body to a great extent but if the upper part also gets the similar pleasure then it becomes a complete package. There are pressure relaxation or relief channels in the mattress that give the soft fell to the lumbar area and when you sleep the alignment of the spinal cord is maintained by the curve and contour of the latex mattress. There lays the specialty or extravaganza of a 7-zone latex mattress.

Symmetry and balance in design
7-zones have been particularly designed to give a uniform support to your body. You can enjoy the same kind of effect and softness throughout the mattress. It is a common problem with common mattresses that when two people sleep together and the pressure exerted differs in the two areas each one faces discomfort with the slight alteration in sleeping position. This never happens in a 7 zone latex mattress.

The surface level is maintained with symmetry even if the weights of the two individuals differ. Each zone acts as a pressure ventilator and helps in regulating the temperature of the body. Whoever sleeps and whatever is the temperature of the body, after lying on the 7 zone latex mattress, he/she is bound to experience a relaxing coolant giving ease to the body from every corner. The feel good effect keeps you healthy with a sound sleep and comfortable rising every morning.


Pocket Spring technology is the latest addition in producing spring mattresses. Each spring works independently within its own cloth pocket to give excellent support for the entire body particularly the backbone thus ensuring the most relaxing position possible.

Conventional spring coil spring bed has disadvantage when two people sharing same bed. Movement of the person is share across the bed to the other person on the other side. This problem will magnify when the person makes a lot of movement thus disturb the sleep of their partner.

With the technology of pocket spring coil system, it addresses such problem and reduce motion transfer significantly. The other benefit of such system will be the space usage of the mattresses. You can make use of the entire surface of the bed from edge to edge unlike the conventional spring bed.

Ocean will help to make your sleep more comfortable and fresh in the morning because of the natural support for your backbone and natural conform curve of your body.