PT. Ocean Centra Furnindo

is a leading company in a field of solution for sleeping problems and well known through out the region for a large varities of high quality products. In its position of market leader in matress and sofa industry and assited with the latest technology. PT. Ocean Centra Furnindo produced high quality products that rival to much more expensive well known international made products.

PT. Ocean Centra Furnindo was established in 1971 by Mr. Ahmad Jamin. The factory which was built on 4000 m2 of land began by producing foam latex using a very simple conventional process. In 1991, PT. Ocean Centra Furnindo identified demand and opportunity in the market and began to invested in more advanced machinery. In 1994, PT. Ocean Centra Furnindo began to compete in a spring bed market with the implementation of semi automatic system. Advancing to 2005, PT. Ocean Centra Furnindoreplaced this semi automatic system with fully automatic version, this machine is the first outside java is able to produce high quality poly foam more efficiently and greater accuracy.

PT. Ocean Centra Furnindo not only aims to meet the deman of the local market. In 2001 the company expanded to Pekan Baru, this is when PT. Trimitra Sejahtera SRC was formed. The principal aimed of the shareholder of PT. Trimitra Sejahtera is to promote Ocean Spring Bed, Helux Collections, Angel and Titov Sofa brands in Pekan Baru.

In October 2008, the company further expanded to Palembang and started its operation called PT. Sinar Musi Cemerlang. Such expansion made Ocean's product well known through out Sumatera region with its high quality products.

We always believe that PT. Ocean Centra Furnindo will always grow and maintain its position as market leader in the region. With our large varities of high quality products and best services, it makes our products as the only one stop solution for your sleeping comfort.


Warm Regards,
PT. Ocean Centra Furnindo